Equity Statement

AHEAD is creating steps through affordable housing, education, and development to support the lives of individuals, families and the communities in which we live. As a non-profit in rural New Hampshire, we recognize the necessity of working together with directness and authenticity, while we hold ourselves and others accountable.

At this time, we are coming together to look at ourselves, our communities and our nation, learning how we marginalize others because of their race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, income, and/or disability. As we learn, we can take responsibility for developing a representative board and staff within an inclusive community where different voices and perspectives are acknowledged and valued.

We will take time to assess the impact, both real and potential, of our acts and decisions upon each other, our families and community. We strive for a safe environment that supports people of all abilities, where we engage with each other openly, honestly and respectfully.

Our actions and deeds must be “anti- racist”, “anti-ism” and inclusive. We will engage in hard conversations responsibly. This may be difficult, it is hard to admit one’s failings, but it will provide us a path.

We, the board and staff at AHEAD commit to do this and we hope we will not be alone in our efforts.

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