Board of Directors

Harrison Kanzler
Executive Director
Susan Retz
(exp. 2026)
Retired Architect
Mark Hesler
Vice President
(exp. 2026)
Retired Proprietor/Business Owner
Martha McLeod
Martha McLeod
Interim Treasurer
(exp. 2026)
Non-profit Consultant
Fran Day
Fran Day
(exp. 2026)
Administrative Assistant, Town of Landaff
Mark MacDonald
Mark MacDonald
(exp. 2025)
Retired Veteran, AHEAD Resident
Ben Tilton
(exp. 2024)
Building Trades Teacher,
Littleton High School
Erica Antonucci
Erik Becker
(exp. 2027)
Housing Stability Program Director
Tri County Community Action Program
Kaela Tavares
Kaela Tavares
(exp. 2026)
Planning and Economic Development Coordinator,
North Country Council
Jordan Applewhite
Autumn Shultz
(exp. 2026)
Bridget Freudenberger
(exp. 2026)
Vice President- Commercial Banking and Community Development,
Bangor Savings Bank
Ann Dow
(exp 2027)
Vice President/Senior Residental Loan Officer
Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank

AHEAD is looking for talented and conscientious volunteer board and committee members to help lead and strengthen our organizational impact.   

  • Do you care a lot about today’s housing issues and want to help AHEAD provide safe, quality, affordable housing and financial stability to families in our communities?
  • Do you have certain skill sets such as: management, finance, marketing, real estate, fundraising, law, etc. you would like to contribute in a philanthropic way?
  • Are you a passionate person looking for an easy but significant way to get more involved and serve your community?
  • Do you want to learn more about the nonprofit world and gain a greater understanding of your community and its housing and educational needs?
  • Would you like to meet new people and work as a team player to address key issues and make decisions to help sustain our mission?
  • Are you a service recipient and would like to give back or pay it forward in a meaningful way?


We are currently recruiting for the following:

Board Members    (Estimated time commitment per month: 3 Hours)
Governance Committee    (Estimated time commitment every other month: 2 Hours)
Finance Committee     (Estimated time commitment per quarter: 2 Hours)
Resource Development    (Estimated time commitment per quarter: 2 Hours)
HomeOwnership Advisory    (Estimated time commitment per quarter: 2 Hours

If you’d like donate your time, thoughtfulness, and leadership to AHEAD’s board of directors or on any of the listed committees, please contact Joy Noel (603) 444-1377 to set up a time to meet. We would love to chat about the opportunity of working together!

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